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Counseling Department

How Do I Sign Up To See The School Counselor?


To schedule a meeting with your student's counselor, please contact the Counseling office secretary at 928-502-5720 for an appointment


Three ways to request assistance from your counselor in order of preference:

1.  Email him/her if you have a quick question that does not require a meeting with the counselor face-to-face.

2.  Sign up to see him/her by using the CLICK TO CONTACT link near the photo.   Then your counselor will send for you at their convenience during the school day.  Please give your counselor 1 - 3 days to coordinate this meeting.  

3.  If there is an URGENT concern, students may check with the counseling secretary for assistance by stopping by the office or calling 928-502-5720.

Yescina Cuming with Yellow background and raider mascot
Yescina Cuming

Drop Out Prevention
Phone:  928-502-5719

Kim Cabrales with Yellow background and raider mascot
Kim Cabrales

Counseling Secretary
Phone:  928-502-5720